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Tri-Mation Industries specializes in developing automated assembly machines that maximize the potential of your people and your technology. Share your manufacturing challenges and our in-house team of problem-solving experts and technological craftspeople can custom-engineer automated assembly machines that continuously improve your efficiency and profitability while increasing the quality and value of your products and processes.
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Automated Assembly Machines - Tri-Mation Industries

Automated Assembly Machines - Tri-Mation Industries

Applying Ingenuity to Automated Assembly Machines in Motion

Our success is driven by an understanding of your specific goals within your business including productivity, budget, and timing. Developing a custom automated assembly machine requires a diverse set of skills implemented in a deliberate, systematic process engineered to maximize productivity, efficiency and value.
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Our process includes these key phases:

  • Design and planning of your mechanical, electrical, and control systems
  • Procurement, fabrication and assembly of your automation system, and controls
  • Integration and testing of your fully automated assembly machine
  • Delivery, installation and testing on-site at your facility
  • On-site operational training and documentation closeout
  • Ongoing service, maintenance, system upgrades, and technical support

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From pallet transfer to high-speed rotary tables, flexible work cells and more – our expertise and capabilities cover a complete set of solutions.

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