Robotics Integration

Automated Robotics Systems

The Secret to Better Robotics is Our Human Capital

Tri-Mation Industries is a Michigan-based custom machine builder and automation firm specializing in integrating robotics to meet the growing demand for high-volume manufacturing in today’s lean and precise production environments.

Our automated robotics systems and advanced manufacturing automation can carry out an extensive range of complex, high-precision tasks, including:

  • Robotic integration
  • Robotic assembly systems
  • Material handling
  • Robotic welding
  • Single-operator machines with fully automated production cells.
  • Replacing human labor with automated Industry 4.0 solutions

Discover the Advantages of Robotic Process Automation

Our expertise in robotics integration offers you an extensive array of competitive advantages, including:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Enhanced quality
  • Increased throughput
  • Optimized floor space
  • Maximum productivity
  • Greater operator safety and comfort

Bring Out the Best in Your Personnel and Your Existing Systems

Our automated robotics systems are engineered to prepare your company and your team members to be more competitive both now and in the future.

Rather than provide a one-and-done system, our team of robotics specialists is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement. Our advanced robotic systems are engineered to grow with your company, supplementing your existing systems or adding new capabilities as the needs of production goals and environment change.

Automated Robotics Systems | Fanuc Robotic Systems Integrator
Automated Robotics Systems | Fanuc Robotic Systems Integrator

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Put Robotic Process Automation Within Your Reach. Contact the Tri-Mation team today to see how our expertise as a Fanuc robotics systems integrator can make your company and your team members more competitive — now and in the future.