Medical Device Assembly Automation

Manufacture Medical Devices with Surgical Precision

The increased global demand for advanced medical devices is driving the growth of the global medical manufacturing market. The pandemic and global supply chain shortages have also put immense pressure on medical device manufacturers to increase production and manufacturing flexibility and accelerate the product development process to get to market faster and more competitively. Tri-Mation’s assembly automation experts provide the insight, experience, and capabilities medical device manufacturers need to meet these demands.

Our automated assembly systems provide the capability to process different medical devices through the same system and quickly reconfigure systems to manufacture new medical products — this reduces costs and improves flexibility in design and delivery.

Medical Device Assembly Automation Systems
Medical Device Assembly Automation Systems

Custom Automated Assembly Equipment That Gives You the Competitive Edge

Our automated assembly systems are engineered to integrate handling systems, calibrate components and improve your medical device production capabilities. By fast-tracking your medical device assembly, our automated systems can help you do the following:

  • Optimize productivity and efficiency
  • Improve quality, reliability throughput, and safety
  • Enhance accuracy, precision, consistency, and repeatability
  • Reduce cycle times and manufacturing costs
  • Provides traceability and serialization
  • Speed up time to market

Optimize Your Productivity with Automation Expertise and Efficiency

Tri-Mation’s expertise in automated assembly systems is critical for manufacturing a wide range of safe and effective products within the strict requirements and regulations of the medical industry. Our medical device assembly automation can be integrated as standalone work cells or fully automated assembly lines to add value to all your manufacturing processes, including the following:

  • Product assembly
  • Process development
  • Packaging
  • Material handling
  • Testing
  • Shipping

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