Clip Driver

Increase Your Production Efficiencies with Less Downtime and Easier Maintenance

Tri-Mation Industries Driven Series Clip Feed System

Tri-Mation Industries has revolutionized the automotive assembly process by customizing bowl and blow-fed clip drivers.  The Driven Series Clip Driver eliminates many of the problems associated with other vibratory part feeding systems by improving your clip driver’s speed, repeatability, and durability.

Automate the Assembly of Automotive Parts

  • Plastic and metal clips are typically used in interior trim
  • Fasteners including screws, nuts and threaded studs
  • Center consoles
  • Dash end caps with metal clips
  • IP trim
  • Defrost vents
  • Other automotive assemblies

Upgrade Your Vibratory Part Feeding System

  • Provides integration packages with various levels and brands of controls
  • Upgrade your existing robots or XYZ guided cylinders
  • Apply customer specifications to new or custom applications
  • Verify full stroke and clip presence
  • Access, clean and service the feeding tubes more easily
  • Reduces clip tipping with a custom escapement

Improve Your Delivery System, Increase Your Productivity

  • Eliminate jams between the bowl feeder, inline and shuttle
  • Prevent tumbling clips in the feed tubes
  • Provide multiple methods to confirm part presence
  • Simplify service access to the tube and driving mechanism
  • Deliver proper fitment, smooth operation and faster cycle times

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