Sporting Goods

Automated Assembly Machinery for Sporting Goods

Maximize the Performance of Your Sports Products

Today’s high-performance sporting goods products are constructed using the same technologies and materials as products and industries we already serve, including the automotive, medical devices, and consumer electronics industries.

Tri-Mation’s expertise in automated assembly systems enables us to quickly and efficiently adapt and reconfigure existing technologies and materials into assembly automation systems custom-engineered to streamline the manufacturing processes for sports products.

As the high-performance materials incorporated in sports products continue to grow more sophisticated, our automated assembly systems can be a key driver to help you stay ahead of consumer and market demands.

Custom Automated Assembly Machinery for Sports

Give Your Production Lines the Competitive Edge

Our robotics and assembly automation for sports products are custom-engineered to help you:

  • Maintain material quality
  • Increase production speeds
  • Lower labor costs

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Contact us today and tell us about the sports products you want to produce. Our team of automation experts will show you how we can knock the performance of your products right out of the park.