Since 1995, Tri-Mation Industries has built a reputation for being the experts in assembly automation and machining — and we’ve applied that expertise to building automated assembly equipment for the automotive market. We are a full-systems integrator that designs and builds custom assembly line automation solutions for Tier 3, 2, and 1 automotive manufacturers, including: Kinetic assemblies​ […]


Automated Electronics Assembly Equipment As the demand for updated or new electronics products continues to grow, adding automation to existing electronic component assembly systems and processes offers manufacturers incredible opportunities for growth. However, along with that explosive growth, the electronics industry faces significant challenges. Global supply chain issues and labor shortages represent a significant hurdle […]


Medical Device Assembly Automation The increased global demand for advanced medical devices is driving the growth of the global medical manufacturing market. The pandemic and global supply chain shortages have also put immense pressure on medical device manufacturers to increase production and manufacturing flexibility and accelerate the product development process to get to market faster […]

Office Furniture

Automate Furniture Parts Assembly The office furniture market continues to expand worldwide, fueled by home office furniture increasing globally. However, office furniture manufacturers face the challenge of keeping up with this demand while facing supply chain issues and labor shortages. One of the best ways for office furniture manufacturers to overcome manufacturing challenges and meet […]


Automated Assembly Machines for Plastic Components Plastic processing automation is one of the key components of Tri-Mation’s specialty in discrete manufacturing capabilities — automated assembly machines that give you the ability to produce plastic parts in any volume or level of complexity you require. And as the demand for flexible plastic parts processing and the […]

Consumer Goods

Automated Assembly Equipment for Consumer Products From appliances to toys to power equipment, consumer goods are one of the driving forces of our economy, and the global demand for them only continues to grow. At the same time, shortages in labor and supply chain issues are creating new challenges for consumer goods manufacturers as they […]

Sporting Goods

Automated Assembly Machinery for Sporting Goods Today’s high-performance sporting goods products are constructed using the same technologies and materials as products and industries we already serve, including the automotive, medical devices, and consumer electronics industries. Tri-Mation’s expertise in automated assembly systems enables us to quickly and efficiently adapt and reconfigure existing technologies and materials into […]

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