Assembly Solutions

Automated Assembly Systems Automated assembly systems range from small, single-operator units to highly interdependent full-scale work cells throughout the factory floor. We specialize in the development of flexible assembly automation systems, manual workstations, and fully automated assembly line automation, including: Standalone machines Flexible machines Rotary dial machines End-of-line testers Vision systems Robotics integration Custom automation […]

Robotics Integration

Automated Robotics Systems Tri-Mation Industries is a Michigan-based custom machine builder and automation firm specializing in integrating robotics to meet the growing demand for high-volume manufacturing in today’s lean and precise production environments. Our automated robotics systems and advanced manufacturing automation can carry out an extensive range of complex, high-precision tasks, including: Robotic integration Robotic […]

Plastic Processing

Plastic Processing Automation We specialize in developing plastic processing automation systems that enable plastic part production or systems in any volume or level of complexity required. Our plastic processing automation equipment can automate a single process or multiple processes within a single work cell or full production line, including these: Automated parts handling Robotics Pick […]

Custom Automation

Tri-Mation Industries combines decades of custom machine-building expertise with the latest automation technology to help every project outperform your expectations. Our expert capabilities enable the Tri-Mation team to custom build more value into every machine through highly efficient, high-performance engineering and design. Our team has broad and deep experience building fully-automated machines that feed pieces, […]

Clip Driver

Increase Your Production Efficiencies with Less Downtime and Easier Maintenance Tri-Mation Industries has revolutionized the automotive assembly process by customizing bowl and blow-fed clip drivers.  The Driven Series Clip Driver eliminates many of the problems associated with other vibratory part feeding systems by improving your clip driver’s speed, repeatability, and durability.

  • Clip Driver