Tri-Mation Industries Unveils New Website

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Tri-Mation Industries Unveils New Brand Identity and Website

MATTAWAN, MICHIGAN — Tri-Mation Industries, a Mattawan, Michigan-based full-systems integrator that engineers, designs, and builds automated assembly solutions for the automotive industry, has introduced a new logo with the tagline, “Ingenuity. Quality. Results,” and launched its new website, www.tri-mation.com.

Tri-Mation is proud to introduce our new logo, positioning statement, and website, which have been reimagined to reflect our  27 years of serving the automotive industry with automated machine solutions.,” said Blaine Borkowski, CEO of Tri-Mation Industries. “The new branding effectively conveys that Tri-Mation Industries provides the continuous improvement and creative solutions required to build more value into production processes to offer a competitive edge.”

The new Tri-Mation logo incorporates a sleek, modern design that reflects the company’s forward-thinking problem-solving. A stylized “A” represents “automation” for lights out production and repeatable quality. The company’s new tagline, “Ingenuity. Quality. Results,” quickly communicates both Tri-Mation’s values and the benefits customers can expect to experience when working with its assembly automation specialists.

Tri-Mation’s new website, located at www.tri-mation.com, has also been completely redesigned and optimized to give its customers quick and easy access to information about the company’s automated assembly systems and the functionality they need to succeed. The new site explores Tri-Mation’s history and provides a comprehensive overview of the company, its products, services, technologies, and the markets it serves. Visitors can check out automation videos and the latest news showcasing the benefits of Tri-Mation’s automated assembly solutions. Visitors can also contact the Tri-Mation team for questions about support or service and connect with Tri-Mation’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels through the website.

About Tri-Mation Industries

Tri-Mation Industries Inc. was founded as a precision machining company in 1995. Since then, the company has transformed into a vertically aligned full-systems integrator. Today, the company employs a 50+ member in-house team of problem-solving experts specializing in discrete manufacturing — automated assembly systems that allow manufacturers to produce parts or systems in any volume or level of complexity required. Tri-Mation’s Michigan-based team of assembly automation specialists combines decades of custom-building expertise with the latest automation technology to help their customers in the automotive industry identify and overcome manufacturing challenges.

For more information, call Tri-Mation Industries at 269.668.4333 or visit www.tri-mation.com.


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