WiredCats – Mattawan High School

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The WiredCats allows students to explore science and engineering through hands-on learning by building a robot to compete with against other teams. Students learn technical skills such as programming, CAD, machining, and more. Not only are students learning the technical skills, but they are also learning important soft skills such as, public speaking, leadership, project management, and collaboration. Their team consists of 25-30 students along with dedicated core coaches and mentors with a wide variety of backgrounds. Parents are also heavily involved.  Each year the team designs, builds, and programs a new robot to compete in a game challenge that changes every year. Tri-Mation Industries provides WiredCats the space to build and practice, machine parts, and provide our expertise.

The WiredCats compete in at least two competitions in Michigan each season. Since founded in 2015, the WiredCats have been to the state finals four times and world finals twice.

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