WiredCats win at Gull Lake

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Hello Tri-Mation!

The Wiredcats are happy to announce that we won the Gull Lake First Robotics competition this past weekend!

First: We could not have done this without the support of Tri-Mation! With your support, we have built a fast and reliable robot that can score a lot of points! The WiredCats team thanks you for the space, resources, and guidance you’ve provided the students on our team!

Summary: After two days of qualification matches, WiredCats were ranked #11 out of ~33 robots. Thankfully the scouting data that teams collected showed our strengths and we were the first robot selected, into the #1 team alliance! 

The offensive capabilities of our alliance were too much to overcome and we swept the quarterfinals and semifinals. In the championship finals, we won the best of 3 matches,  2-1 (One match where some foul calls negated a clean sweep.)

We move on to the West Michigan competition in Allendale, March 25-26. We have some work to do to improve the robot and hopefully win again!


Mattawan WiredCats

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