Tri-Mation Industries Expands Its Mattawan, Michigan Headquarters

Tri-Mation Industries, a full-systems integrator that engineers, designs, and builds automated assembly solutions to expedite industrial product manufacturing, has announced that it has completed the expansion of the company’s Mattawan, Michigan headquarters. “Our new addition gives us more space to execute larger projects our clients throughout the US and Mexico need to support and grow […]

Kinexus Group

Tri-Mation hosted the Kinexus Group for a Lunch & Learn. They were given a tour of the facility and had the opportunity to discuss manufacturing, automation, trade schools, and skilled labor options. 

WiredCats – Mattawan High School

The WiredCats allows students to explore science and engineering through hands-on learning by building a robot to compete with against other teams. Students learn technical skills such as programming, CAD, machining, and more. Not only are students learning the technical skills, but they are also learning important soft skills such as, public speaking, leadership, project […]

Tri-Mation Industries Unveils New Website

MATTAWAN, MICHIGAN — Tri-Mation Industries, a Mattawan, Michigan-based full-systems integrator that engineers, designs, and builds automated assembly solutions for the automotive industry, has introduced a new logo with the tagline, “Ingenuity. Quality. Results,” and launched its new website, www.tri-mation.com. “Tri-Mation is proud to introduce our new logo, positioning statement, and website, which have been reimagined […]

Automation in Plastics Manufacturing

Companies that use plastics in their manufacturing operations are facing a labor shortage. If every unemployed person in the country found a job, we would still have 4 million unfilled positions. According to a recent survey, 38% of executives say attracting new workers is their top priority for the production workforce, followed by retention (31%) […]

Automation in Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturers face a clear imperative to automate, yet they also have many unique requirements that can make choosing an automation partner challenging. Manual processes are increasingly difficult to justify in the face of growing demands for manufacturing traceability and the accompanying explosion in the amount of data, among other considerations. Even so, choosing a […]

Automation in Home Appliance & White Goods Manufacturing

Companies that make home appliances, often known as “white goods,” are going through a profound shake-up. Long-established firms with commanding leads in the market are being challenged by Asian companies. Small and medium-sized brands in the United States and Europe that don’t aggressively invest in automation technology may soon find themselves left in the dust.  […]

WiredCats win at Gull Lake

The Wiredcats are happy to announce that we won the Gull Lake First Robotics competition this past weekend! First: We could not have done this without the support of Tri-Mation! With your support, we have built a fast and reliable robot that can score a lot of points! The WiredCats team thanks you for the space, resources, and guidance […]

Assembly Solutions

Automated Assembly Systems Automated assembly systems range from small, single-operator units to highly interdependent full-scale work cells throughout the factory floor. We specialize in the development of flexible assembly automation systems, manual workstations, and fully automated assembly line automation, including: Standalone machines Flexible machines Rotary dial machines End-of-line testers Vision systems Robotics integration Custom automation […]

Robotics Integration

Automated Robotics Systems Tri-Mation Industries is a Michigan-based custom machine builder and automation firm specializing in integrating robotics to meet the growing demand for high-volume manufacturing in today’s lean and precise production environments. Our automated robotics systems and advanced manufacturing automation can carry out an extensive range of complex, high-precision tasks, including: Robotic integration Robotic […]

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